Using online banking is fast and convenient. Exciting innovations are constantly being introduced to improve this service and the vast majority of our customers choose to do most of their banking through this service.

Who is online banking designed for?

  • Customers who want an easily accessible overview of their business with the Bank
  • Customers wishing to do their banking via the internet
  • Customers who want to do their banking anytime and anywhere

Main Features

  • View account and credit card activity
  • Transfer funds, pay bills, and make credit card payments
  • View your securities portfolio (NB: online trading is not currently a feature)
  • Overview of pension savings
  • Set up automatic payments

How do I open an online bank account?

Please visit your nearest branch in Iceland to open an account.

Note that access is free of charge.

Online security

Afex Finance Trust online banking supports the highest standards in online security, which ensures that personal information on users remains completely confidential. However, there are several things which users must look out for when using online banking such as any suspicious actvitiy or communications.


  1. Firstly, check that the URL is always https://, i.e. that all the websites have the letter ‘s’ after the ‘http’. This tells the user that this website is secure.
  2. Secondly, check whether there is a small padlock displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the browser. If the padlock is closed, the connection is secure.
  3. Thirdly, it is recommended that the user regularly change their username and password. This can be done from within online banking, on the Settings page.


Users who choose to access their banking online from Internet cafés or other publicly accessed terminals should be on their guard against password theft. Always be sure to log out of the session when finished and close the web browser. One clue that a password may have been stolen is if the opening page in the online banking appears in English without the user having set English as the default language.


Authentication is needed when logging in to the Online Bank. You can choose between three different ways to authenticate:

  • Electronic certificate
  • App authentication
  • SMS authentication

If you have any questions regarding Online Banking please contact Afex Finance Trust’s send an e-mail to .